About INC

We are a communications consultancy built on the fundamentals of passion, simplicity and inspiration. A young company with a talented team, combining some of the leading lights in business marketing and the creative industries; we work together to achieve exciting, dynamic campaigns and marketing solutions for our clients. 


INC think BIG, work hard and push boundaries, stimulating sales, with defined strategies that empower, engage and evoke brand loyalty using intelligence-led design. Our team includes a bright mix of experience and forward-thinkers which has helped us produce effective and accountable projects that really work. 


We are futurologists, exploring the world of today and injecting innovation into tomorrow. Our team map trends using a range of secondary sources and primary research tools. We dream BIG and cement our out-of-the-box thinking with concrete evidence of consumer activity, behaviour and pattern. 


We care about what you want to say, so let us help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are a large organisation or a small company, we can make your voice heard. Call into our office space to meet the personalities behind our business. We are worth talking to…