Work on Wheels!

29 Apr, 2015

Check out the future office space which comes to you…we’re not quite sure how we feel about this. Read more here….

Easter Buns from PML Group

01 Apr, 2015

Look what arrived at our office. Thank you to PML Group NI for the lovely Easter Buns!

How vital marketing is to movies

25 Mar, 2015

Take a look at the awesome marketing insurgent used to keep their faddy fans interested and keep the discussion of the trilogy a hot topic. A job well done we think.

Barr Killoch

24 Mar, 2015

Take a look at the brochure we designed for Barr Killoch’s newest venture.
Get in touch if you would like us to create your next brochure.

5 Must See Digital Marketing Stats from the past week!!

23 Mar, 2015

1. Instagram is exploding with new users, & is expected to top 100 million in the United States by 2018.
2. Snapchat’s co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy were among the 290 newcomers to Forbes’ billionaires list. Each are estimated to be worth $1.5 billion, not bad for founders still in their 20s.
3. Kik, the messaging app that competes with the likes of Snapchat, released new targeting tools for its Promoted Chat marketing product, which lets brands talk directly to users who opt in. Now, advertisers can market to users based on gender, country or type of device. More than 10 million Kik users have opted in to chatting with brands there.
4. Tinder, the “swipe right if you like” dating app, finally launched a paid service that gives users unlimited swipes, do-overs and other premium features. Tinder Plus, however, costs twice as much for old and wrinkly people in the United States—those 28 and older will pay $20 a month compared to $10 for younger people.
5. Tumblr’s Creatrs Network, its new in-house influencer agency, helped generate 625,000 engagements—likes, reblogs and follows—for a campaign for the movie Ouija, produced by Universal.

Everyman Marketing at INC!

16 Mar, 2015

Marketing has been living on the edge since the revolutionary introduction of the internet in the mid 90s. The impact on culture and commerce and the rise of instant communication technologies, has demanded marketeers remain at the forefront of emergence, ready to pounce on the latest ‘trend’ in order to ensure their brand remains ahead of the curve. However, marketing has continued to embody the hard sell, until recently…
We are gradually moving towards a more personal level of communication, with consumers pulling the information they require, rather than brands dishing it out selectively.

If you wish to discuss opportunities, catch Clare on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), INC Marketing T: 02890434430, @INC_Belfast

Mum & Me Campaign for Liffey Valley

10 Mar, 2015

To kick off Mothers Day at Liffey Valley we decided to create a bright, fun & vibrant campaign focusing on social media & the massive selfie culture!

Spring Fashion Campaign for Erneside!

05 Mar, 2015

The Spring Collections have dropped at Erneside Shopping Centre, Enniskillen.
It may be baltic but in Enniskillen, things are hotting up with cool blue and lemon thee shades for Spring.
Shop the look now! INC’s envy inducing artwork has the team dreaming of warmer climates, sand between toes and fish bowls. Ah, Magaluf!

Erneside Shopping Centre Partner up!

03 Mar, 2015

Erneside Shopping Centre recently partnered with Down Syndrome NI to create stylish eco shopper bags.
Eve Fallis, from Willowbridge School Enniskillen designed the colourful creation, with the charity selling the bags in Erneside on St. Valentine’s Day.
The campaign has raised £260 to date.

A Sneak Peak…

25 Feb, 2015

INC are working with D-Signs and Displays on something wonderful for Easter at Bloomfield.
Watch this space….

How lego created it’s own oscar & stole the show.

24 Feb, 2015

Lego’s perfectly planned performance earned the brand 47,290 mentions on Twitter on Sunday night. It was a perfectly executed promotion, and now everyone wants their own Lego Oscar.

Take a Selfie with your EarPods!!

19 Feb, 2015

EarPods are hiding a host of tips and tricks check out this video by Business insider to find 14 ways in which the Remote and Mic button found on the current headphones can control music, calls and even the camera! No need for a selfie stick after all!!

Pancake Tuesday!

17 Feb, 2015

Even the standard pancake shape has been updated and is now trending, with pancake artists able to create anything from Elsa from Frozen to the whole Star wars cast! Pancakes have taken a huge leap forward, and we really are looking forward to seeing if this trend will stay around for years to come!

Our new office must have…Table air!

16 Feb, 2015

TableAir is an LED standing desk that is controlled via motion sensors. A smart feature that tweaks boring office furniture, the system is much more intuitive. Not only does the desk have vibrant strips of light that border the surface. TableAir works in tangent with an accompanying app, which is synced to a smart button that is sensitive to the distance between the user’s hand and the surface!

GRAMMY Awards Nets Record Social Media Interactions!

12 Feb, 2015

According to Facebook data, 6.3 million people had more than 13.5 million Facebook interactions related to the 56th GRAMMYs, making it the No.1 trending topic. On Twitter the GRAMMYs garnered 15.7 million mentions & more than 100,000 GRAMMY-related posts created on Tumblr with more than 5.1 million re-blogs and likes. Proving just how powerful social media can be.

(image credit mujereselsalvador)

Belfast’s answer to Boris Bikes!

09 Feb, 2015

The scheme will initially include 300 public bikes, and up to 30 bike docking stations in the city centre allowin people to go from one end of town to another without having to own a bike or bring the bike into the city centre from their home. The project will see the stations put in place at Central Station, the Odyssey, Millfield, Carrickhill, the Gasworks and Dunbar Link. Fees have also been agreed, with users offered the choice of paying a £20 annual subscription or opting for the three-day casual use pass for £5.The system, which is being used in cities across Europe, allows anyone to hop on a bike after using their phone to ring through a code unique to each bike to get it unlocked. A smartphone app is also available once users have signed up to the scheme. Transport minister, Danny Kennedy, whose department has contributed more than £1million towards the new scheme, said the charges were competitive.He added: “As ‘pedal power’ continues to grow here, we must all harness the momentum and continue to develop each opportunity to make cycling an everyday, safe, accessible and fun activity for all. Earlier this year, the Council appointed NSL to deliver and maintain the scheme, with Nextbike providing the bicycle infrastructure and management system.
Here’s a look at how it will work…


02 Feb, 2015

The best thing about a Birthday is always the cake isn’t it? Check out this huge cake Zoe & Clare from INC Marketing arranged to have at Mahon Point Shopping Centre’s 10th Birthday! It was the largest cake in Ireland until it was devoured. The celebrations didn’t stop there with rio style street entertainers and local singing talent plus an incredible fireworks display, Happy Birthday Mahon Point!


Nike are all set to create “Back to the future 2” shoe in 2015

23 Jan, 2015

Nike is set to release self-tying shoes, like those from Back To The Future Part 2, in 2015. They should be ready by the end of the year, which is when the 1989 futuristic time travel film was set. These grey and white designs featured battery-powered LEDs embedded in the soles and heel, as well as a light-up Nike logo on the strap. The shoes are not only cutting edge but also go someway in furthering the credible reputation of the NIKE Brand, as in light of the film a large percentage of the profits goes to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. An excellent move on behalf of the PR team for Nike.



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