An effective brand strategy gives you an edge in increasingly competitive markets, with macro and micro environmental threats more real with the development of citizen journalism. Consumers experience more and more touch points. Your brand is your promise to them. You may have the vision; we can see the destination.


We can package and distribute your BIG idea. Referring to statistical analysis, INC will plan a multi channel campaign, ensuring your message is heard and breaks through the sound barrier. Competitors will become mere noise, when we converse.


INC will realise your creative vision. Art direction gives substance to design, humanising creativity. Art direction is more than decoration, it’s ensuring that thoughts and feelings run through every creative thread, that the brand ethos is evident and that the design truthfully conveys the message.


Producing creative marketing solutions that deliver on concepts, on time and within budget. INC manage a number of creative talents, nurturing the inspired and helping them grow. The result is creative output that far exceeds trends, time and conventional artistic and technological ability.


Caster & Candy is INCs Digital Prodigy. Our developers prowess, has resulted in the implementation of innovative tools, generating digital disciples for our clients. We cast our net wide and seek the tuned in whiz kids of the world wide web, enabling INC to claim futurologist status. In tomorrows world, it’s a good thing were two days ahead.


Flash sale, Pixie Lott Secret Session, wild animatronic dinosaur.... You name it, we’ve been there. Our idea space, allows free brain storming and sharing. We then knuckle down, making fantasy reality and ensuring our idea provides measurable results. We don’t do sequels, reboots or remakes. Every idea is inspired, bespoke and objective driven.


Our knowledge of the NI and ROI media landscape is second to none, with journalists perceiving INC as the gateway to your organisation. Public and media relations are increasingly becoming interchangable with the explosion of social media, ‘news’ consumption and guerilla journalism. INC step down from the soapbox and engage on a personal level.


Our team of Account Managers and Execs, are lateral thinkers. Getting to know your business, they will immerse themselves in your organisation performing SWOT Analysis on the ground. Coming from multiple marketing disciplines, each team member has knowledge to contribute and experiences to draw upon.


We are not in the business of criticizing your marketing efforts, rather providing structured critical analysis, advice and strong marketing solutions. We look at the whole picture before founding any evaluation and recommendation. Happy clients are our product.


Delivering words that demand reaction - whether written or spoken, call to action or thought provoking. We can be very persuasive, magnetic and compelling. Informed writing, tone of voice and bearing the end user in mind are key. Copywriting brings adjectives to life, using words to extract emotion.